Multimode Relays MT

Multimode Relays MT

ابعاد (mm)


  • 2/3 pole 10A
  • 2 CO or 3CO contacts
  • DC and AC coils
  • Cadmium-free contact material
  • Mechanical indicator as standard
  • Optional electrical indicator
  • New test system with front operated finger locking test tab
  • Protected push-to-test button and integral
  • White writes on panel

اطلاعات فنی

Contact Data

Contact configurationContact configuration
Contact setEinfachkontakt
Rated current10A
Rated voltage / max. switching voltage AC250V~ / 440V~
Maximum breaking capacity 2500 VAC
Limiting making capacity, max 4s, df 10%20A

Coil Data

Rated VoltageDC-coil: 6…220 VDC
AC-coil: 6…230 VAC
Rated PowerDC-coil: Type 1,2 W
AC-coil: Type 2.3 VA
Operate/release voltage, coil resistance at 23°C ambient temperature24 VDC-coil: 18V / 2.4V / 475Ω
24 VDC-coil: 19.2V / 9.6V / 86Ω
230 VAC-coil: 184V / 92V / 8300Ω
ContactsCoilContact materialOrder No.
2 CO, 10A / with LED6…380V AC/DCAgNi 90/10MT22 Coil
3 CO, 10A / with LED / with LED PD6…380V AC/DCAgNi 90/10MT 32/33 Coil