Power Relays RT

Power Relays RT

ابعاد (mm)

Power Relays RT_D


  • 1 pole 12/16 A, DC- or AC coil
  • 1 CO contact or 1 NO contact
  • Sensitive coil 400mW / 0.75VA
  • 5kV/10mm coil-contact, protection class II (VDE 0700) with socket YRT78626
  • Ambient temperature 85°C (DC-coil)
  • Module height only 15.7 mm
  • Gold plated contacts available
  • PCB and screwed socket available
  • For usage in boiler and garage door control systems, time relays, vending machines, interface modules.

اطلاعات فنی

Contact Data

Contact configuration1 CO or 1 NO contact, 2 CO or 2 NO contact
Contact setsingle contact
Rated current12A, 16A, 8A
Rated voltage / maximum switching voltage ACAC 250 V- / 440 V-
Max, breaking capacity3000 VA
Limiting making capacity, max, 4s, df 10%25A, 30A, 15A
Contact materialAgNi 90/10, AgNi 90/10 htv

Coil Data

Related voltageDC-coil: 5…110 V~
AC-coil: 24…230 V~
Rated powerDC-coil: 400mW
AC-coil: 0,75VA
Operate/release voltage, coil resistance at 23°C ambient temperature24 VDC-coil: 16.8V/2.4V/1440Ω
230 VAC-coil: 172.5V/34.5V/32500Ω
ContactsPinningCoilContact materialOrder No.
1 CO, 12A3.5 mm12V DCAgNi 90/10RT114012
1 CO, 12A3.5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10RT114024
1 CO, 12A3.5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10RT114524
1 CO, 12A5 mm12V DCAgNi 90/10RT214012
1 CO, 12A5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10RT214024
1 CO, 12A5 mm230 V AC/DCAgNi 90/10RT214730
1 CO, 16A5 mm5V DCAgNi 90/10RT314005
1 CO, 16A5 mm6V DCAgNi 90/10RT314006
1 CO, 16A5 mm12V DCAgNi 90/10RT314012
1 CO, 16A5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10RT314024
1 CO, 16A5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10RT334024
1 CO, 16A5 mm48V DCAgNi 90/10RT314048
1 CO, 16A5 mm110V DCAgNi 90/10RT314110
1 CO, 16A5 mm24V ACAgNi 90/10RT314524
1 CO, 16A5 mm230V ACAgNi 90/10RT314730
1 CO, 16A5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10RT315024
1 CO, 16A5 mm230V ACAgNi 90/10RT315730
1 CO, 16A5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10RTD14024
2 CO, 8A5 mm6V DCAgNi 90/10RT424006
2 CO, 8A5 mm12V DCAgNi 90/10RT424012
2 CO, 8A5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10RT424024
2 CO, 8A5 mm24V DCAgNi 90/10, gpRT425024
2 CO, 8A5 mm48V DCAgNi 90/10RT424048
2 CO, 8A5 mm110V DCAgNi 90/10RT424110
2 CO, 8A5 mm24V ACAgNi 90/10RT424524
2 CO, 8A5 mm48V ACAgNi 90/10RT424548
2 CO, 8A5 mm115V ACAgNi 90/10RT424615
2 CO, 8A5 mm230V ACAgNi 90/10RT424730